Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Weekly Updates

Thank you to everyone who came and to those who have been along for the ride!  

Bentley!  January 9th.

From behind the staff desk.  January 9th.

Kid's Craft.  January 9th.

E&M Reptile Show.  January 9th.  

3D printing in the Innovation Lab.  January 9th.

Electronics Kits in the Innovation Lab.  January 9th.

Ribbon Cutting!  January 9th.

Betty Rodriguez's husband, retired judge Armando Rodriguez, speaks at the ribbon cutting.  January 9th.

Retired Fresno County Board of Supervisor Phil Larson and current Fresno County Board of Supervisor Henry R. Perea address the crowd at the ribbon cutting ceremony.  January 9th.

Scats on the Sly singer, Mallory Moad, underneath a familiar-looking painting.  January 9th.

Children's Room.  Taken January 9th.

Grand Opening Day!  Before the ribbon cutting.  January 9th.

Sneak Peek Event December 15th

Second painting by Dale Oftedel.  December 3rd.

Fresno artist Dale Oftedal poses with his painting that is now hanging in the Library.  Taken December 3rd.

Panoramic shot.  Taken November 24th.

Cabinets and sink going in.  Taken November 12th.

Shelves and desks are being brought in for installation.  Taken November 10th.

Colors going up on the walls!  Taken November 4th.

Nice shot of the meeting rooms!  Taken October 22nd.

Walls and space divisions in place.  October 19th.

Ducting going in.  Taken October 8th.

Drywall is in place and the walls are taking shape!  Taken October 1st.

September 22nd.

Duct work being installed on September 17th.

Wall going up, September 15th.

Panoramic view of progress near the entrance.  August 27th.

More progress being made on interior walls.  August 25th.

Photo taken August 11th.

Panoramic view of the inside construction.  Photo taken August 4th.

Concrete floor has been filled in.  Photo taken July 30th.

Panoramic view of the inside construction.  Photo taken July 28th.

Rebar is set up and concrete will be poured soon.  Photo taken July 23rd.

View of the steel structure inside the building.  Taken on July 21st.

Panoramic view of the inside.  Photo taken July 14th, 2015.

Entrance to the soon-to-be Betty Rodriguez Regional Library.  Photo taken June 26th, 2015.